Sciral Rings in 2011 With Great Savings!

The Sciral team wishes you a very Happy New Year. We would like to extend special promotional savings to help usher in 2011. When you purchase your copy of Flying Logic Professional during the month of January you’ll save $50.00 off the regular retail value of $225.00. To take advantage of of Sciral’s New Year promotional savings enter the discount code below when you visit the Sciral Store.

Discount Code: FLPROHNY11

As always, Sciral still offers a free 30-day trial of Flying Logic Professional. Give it a try today and see what the Flying Logic advantage is all about. We know you’ll love this elegant and powerful planning tool.

Flying Logic Goes Pro

That’s right. Everyone is a Pro now!

We’ve recently discontinued our Personal and Student editions of Flying Logic to focus on improving Flying Logic Pro. The great news is that everyone who has purchased a Flying Logic Personal or Student edition license on or before October 24, 2010 is eligible to receive a FREE upgrade to Flying Logic Pro 1.2! Simply use our Contact Us form and include your original owner name and license key— and we’ll send you your Flying Logic Pro license key.

For those of you that haven’t discovered the elegance and power of using Flying Logic for your planning needs, we offer a free 30-day trial of Flying Logic so you may experience true freedom of thought before deciding to purchase.

Flying Logic Welcomes Linux to the Family

We at Sciral are excited to welcome Linux to the Flying Logic family! Our development team has been working very hard to bring Flying Logic to the Linux user community.

Flying Logic Version 1.2.2 for Linux BETA is now available for download on the Flying Logic website. Since this version of Flying Logic is a BETA release we’d like to encourage our Linux users to send us your feedback.

We encourage you to explore our website for detailed comparisons of each available Flying Logic Edition. As always Sciral happily provides it’s users a free 30 day trial on all Editions of Flying Logic before making your decision to purchase this elegant and powerful planning software.

Flying Logic Tax Relief Sale

Our development team has been working hard throughout the holidays to bring our registered users another free upgrade for Flying Logic. A full version history is available at Flying Logic Version 1.2.2 was released on February 25, 2010 and includes the following bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Opening the Preferences dialog no longer causes an exception if no document windows are open on Mac.
  • Workaround for a Mac-only Java bug related to text rendering.
  • Improved exception reporting dialog.
  • Ability to specify a proxy server in General Preferences. Allows version checking and other web features to work from behind a firewall.
  • Windows version now bundled with an international release of Java.
  • No longer causes an exception under Windows when ill-formed start-up parameters are received.
  • Stability enhancements.

Flying Logic currently has Professional, Personal, and Student editions available for purchase as well as a free Reader edition for document viewing. A detailed comparison is available at And because we understand the financial pressures created by the recent holidays and the current tax season we are extending a special offer of savings on each purchase of Flying Logic Software good through April 15th, 2010 for those of you that haven’t experienced this exceptional piece of software.

  • Save $50 on Flying Logic Professional, regularly $149 by using coupon code FLPROTR10 when making your purchase.
  • Save $20 on Flying Logic Personal, regularly $79, by using coupon code FLPERTR10 when making your purchase.
  • Save $10 on Flying Logic Student, regularly $39, by using coupon code FLSTUTR10 when making your purchase.

As always we encourage everyone to share the news of this offer freely and hope everyone’s new year has gotten off to a good start.

Flying Logic Professional Limited Offer

In the wake of our latest release and the fast approaching holiday season Sciral would like to announce our special savings opportunities.

For a limited time only…

Get your copy of Flying Logic Professional for the price of Flying Logic Personal. In addition to this exceptional discount Sciral promises to provide each person that purchases any edition of Flying Logic during this promotion a $ 10.00 discount on the purchase of Sciral Consistency. Act fast as this promotion will only be available until January 15, 2010.

To take advantage of this incredible savings just use the code provided below when making your purchase.

Flying Logic Professional Coupon Code: FLPROSALE09

We’d like to encourage everyone to share the news of this special savings freely and hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

Flying Logic and Exploding Cats

When writing a novel, that’s pretty much entirely what life turns into: “House burned down. Car stolen. Cat exploded. Did 1500 easy words, so all in all it was a pretty good day.” — Neil Gaiman

Wandering the Web today I came across a writer who had just discovered Flying Logic. With permission, here is an excerpt from the LiveJournal of R. Scott Shanks, Jr.:

“I went to the Romance Writer’s Workshop, and became learned in the ways of storyboards. Fiddling with the storyboard let me know what was wrong with my novel. Good.

Industriously making post-its and moving them around did not fix the problems, though. I concluded two things; the storyboard only permitted me access to the whole novel at night, at home, when I was pooped, and that I needed to murder a huge number of my darlings — but couldn’t tell which ones had to go.

Shannon suggested last week that I tell her the story, which I did in brief, maybe a dozen sentences. “Which parts have to be there for the story you want?” First and last plot points.

Which meant all the others had targets on their heads. Way to go, Shannon.

That was a strangely liberating outlook. I changed from “something has to go” to “it will be interesting to see if anything stays.” I looked at the storyboard with loathing, and switched to tinytinytiny post-its and a notebook — portable storyboard.

I was still not moving with anything approaching speed. It’s easy to move the story elements around this way, but still takes attention. Changing the writing on the notes takes time. And the sticky wears out.

Then, Lisa, on whom be praise, suggested I look into Consistency. It won’t do much for me, I think, but that company also produces Flying Logic.

My world shook.

Yesterday I had a beginning and an end, and some very nice GMC notes. I put them into entities in Flying Logic and started making lines … which demonstrated when I had multiple scenes in the same scene; corrected that … which showed holes; corrected that … which revealed why my major plot points weren’t working; figured out what they had to be … which showed new scenes that had to be there … and where the tension had to build … and then discovered that I could customize the boxes in the program, changed them to match my post-it notes so I could see where I had too much of one element clustered ….

I spent three hours of a train ride yesterday steadily creating a plot that works. I did not have a cat exploding kind of day. I had something better. I had a “knew my work and did it well” kind of day. It felt terrific.”

Tip: Easy Zooming Using the Scroll Wheel

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you’ve probably already discovered that Flying Logic will scroll the document window up or down depending on which way you turn it. But did you know that by holding down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key and turning the scroll wheel, you can zoom in or out of large documents without moving back the the zoom slider?

This feature is even more useful when you understand that when zooming, Flying Logic does its best to keep your current selection visible. So if you want to quickly zoom in on part of the diagram that your mouse is near, just select any element you want to make sure stays visible, then hold down the modifier key and use the scroll wheel.

Quick and easy!

Flying Logic 1.1 Has Been Released!

Flying Logic 1.1 is out, and is a free upgrade for registered users! Major new features include:

  • Tagging entities and custom classes with visually distinct symbols. Flying Logic Pro users have access to a variety of “professional” symbols used for flowcharting, influence diagrams, and more.
  • Export to OPML, the standard format used by outline processor software.
  • Collapse and expand all selected groups with a single command.
  • Display and edit edge annotations directly in the diagram.
  • Display and edge annotations and edge weights individually.
  • Back edges can now have weights (useful for influence diagrams, causal loop diagrams, etc.)
  • Clearer drawing of diagrams when zoomed out.
  • The layout of the diagram can now be “biased” towards the start of the flow or the end of the flow. This affects how the elements of the diagram are ranked for layout, and thus which end of the diagram they will “stack up” on. Different sorts of diagrams appear more natural with one bias or the other.

The detailed list of additions and changes is here. Watch this blog in the coming days for in-depth articles and tips on the new features. Also, discuss how you use the new features and what you’d like to see next for Flying Logic in our forum.