Tip: Easy Zooming Using the Scroll Wheel

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you’ve probably already discovered that Flying Logic will scroll the document window up or down depending on which way you turn it. But did you know that by holding down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key and turning the scroll wheel, you can zoom in or out of large documents without moving back the the zoom slider?

This feature is even more useful when you understand that when zooming, Flying Logic does its best to keep your current selection visible. So if you want to quickly zoom in on part of the diagram that your mouse is near, just select any element you want to make sure stays visible, then hold down the modifier key and use the scroll wheel.

Quick and easy!

Flying Logic 1.1 Has Been Released!

Flying Logic 1.1 is out, and is a free upgrade for registered users! Major new features include:

  • Tagging entities and custom classes with visually distinct symbols. Flying Logic Pro users have access to a variety of “professional” symbols used for flowcharting, influence diagrams, and more.
  • Export to OPML, the standard format used by outline processor software.
  • Collapse and expand all selected groups with a single command.
  • Display and edit edge annotations directly in the diagram.
  • Display and edge annotations and edge weights individually.
  • Back edges can now have weights (useful for influence diagrams, causal loop diagrams, etc.)
  • Clearer drawing of diagrams when zoomed out.
  • The layout of the diagram can now be “biased” towards the start of the flow or the end of the flow. This affects how the elements of the diagram are ranked for layout, and thus which end of the diagram they will “stack up” on. Different sorts of diagrams appear more natural with one bias or the other.

The detailed list of additions and changes is here. Watch this blog in the coming days for in-depth articles and tips on the new features. Also, discuss how you use the new features and what you’d like to see next for Flying Logic in our forum.