Flying Logic Professional Limited Offer

In the wake of our latest release and the fast approaching holiday season Sciral would like to announce our special savings opportunities.

For a limited time only…

Get your copy of Flying Logic Professional for the price of Flying Logic Personal. In addition to this exceptional discount Sciral promises to provide each person that purchases any edition of Flying Logic during this promotion a $ 10.00 discount on the purchase of Sciral Consistency. Act fast as this promotion will only be available until January 15, 2010.

To take advantage of this incredible savings just use the code provided below when making your purchase.

Flying Logic Professional Coupon Code: FLPROSALE09

We’d like to encourage everyone to share the news of this special savings freely and hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

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4 thoughts on “Flying Logic Professional Limited Offer

  1. It’s great to see some activity on this blog, as Flying Logic is a dynamite piece of software. While I realize you probably can’t comment, I’m hoping the discount might be indicative of a new version in the pipeline.

    In the meantime, I have a a question and a request related to purchasing Flying Logic. I thought I might as well post these here as others may have similar questions.

    Question: As a graduate student, it’s essential for me to be able to create my own entity classes. Right now I’m using a trial of the Pro version and everything works great, but it isn’t quite clear to me from the feature comparison chart whether the student version would also allow me to create custom entity classes (I don’t need to use symbols).

    Request: I use a Mac desktop at my office and a PC laptop at home, and I love that I can use Flying Logic on both. But I can’t afford two licenses. I have come across various software in the past for which it is possible to buy a “Personal License” that makes it possible to run the software on 2 (or sometimes 3) computers. I would request that you consider offering such a license. If I can’t use the software on both computers, it isn’t worth buying. (A possible alternative might be a license that only works from one computer at a time, but I don’t know how that would be implemented.)

    Anyway, thanks!

  2. Thanks! We really appreciate your positive assessment of Flying Logic.

    Your question didn’t appear to actually ask anything in particular. However If I understand you correctly, you want to know if the purchased Student edition of Flying Logic will allow you to create custom domains and entities. While you can not create custom domains & entities with any edition other than Flying Logic Professional, you can import custom domains and entities into any of the editions for use in other diagrams.

    As for the use of different operating systems between home and office, there should be no problem with using the license key you purchase on both platforms. Each single user license will work with either platform and is valid on up to three of your work stations.

    In order to have a licensed copy that will provide the fullest functionality while enjoying the benefit of a significant cost reduction I can only recommend that you seriously consider purchasing the Professional edition while the promotion is still available.

  3. Getting started now with Flying Logic – the promotion pushed me over the edge to make the purchase. I’m really looking forward to putting it through its paces.

    I was curious about the Sciral Consistency discount that’s mentioned in the blog post. I tried adding Consistency to my cart when I purchased Flying Logic, but the discount didn’t show up, so I completed the transaction w/o Consistency. Will the discount come as a new coupon code at the end of the discount period?


  4. The additional savings code should have been issued upon our receipt of your purchase confirmation. If you did not receive your discount code please contact and we will work towards a resolution.