Flying Logic Quick Start Video

I’ve been asked by a number of people interested in Flying Logic for a “Getting Started” guide, and so I’m launching a video series on Flying Logic’s own YouTube channel, and kicking it off with Flying Logic Quick Start! Please subscribe, fave, and tell your friends!

This video is in HD, so watch it full screen, and click the player “gear” icon to make sure your playback is at the highest quality.

YouTube Preview Image
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One thought on “Flying Logic Quick Start Video

  1. Robert- Thanks for the very quick responsiveness in publishing your video-based tutorial. Before, I felt like I was looking at the freeway from a frontage road that had no on-ramp. While starting might be obvious for those less thick than I, your video was just the ticket “on”.
    I am enjoying learning FL during the trial period and have committed to not working on Projects w/o first having put the most important issues into FL – I’m trying to avoid obsessing over too much detail that could delay actual execution of the Plan. The more I work with it, the more I see value in its organizing an all-to-often ADD brain.
    btw, This might change as I get comfortable using FL but right now I am using it in combination with Trello (free) which I keep on the left Tab of Safari (always open) for immediate visibility. That way I can reference it immediately to remind myself where my focus needs to be (when I typically drift off into other more interesting activities – “Hey. Look. A butterfly.”
    Doing it this way is slightly redundant – though I put just those things I can do today (and sometimes tomorrow) into Trello. The benefit is I can avoid cluttering up Trello with massive numbers of tasks which can overwhelm me when I consider the full scope of the job ahead. FL obviously mitigates that problem because it’s a better way to show how to “eat the elephant one bite at a time”. Also rewarding is the fact FL captures the number of new “T”s (100% completed) I have at the end of the day – easy enough scratching them off a “To Do” list but more elegant….
    I’m still learning but I like what I see.
    Hopefully it will continue bringing discipline to a cluttered, disorganized mind that finds new stuff more fascinating than old stuff.